Artist Statement

Most photography about gender transition documents the before/after, the front/back, of body parts. I try to approach the subject in a more sensitive way by portraying, through the body in nature, the psychological places where a transgender person travels.

My work is grounded in the classical techniques of black-and-white landscape photography. This quiet, simple medium balances the emotional content of the images, and, I hope, makes trans issues more accessible to viewers. My early work has greater tonal contrast, emphasizing the darker end of the tonal range and the shadowy places of the psyche, while the newer works tend to be more moderate in tone.

I work in barren landscapes, places where it’s hard to survive. These remote locations convey the lonely, arduous nature of the transgender journey.

Earlier works tend to be more composited, tracking with my life before transition when it was more constructed. Since my transition I feel perfectly happy as I am, and my photographs have followed suit.

I'm very excited to share New Mexico PBS' ¡COLORES! special on my exhibition and other local artists.

If you'd like to see the entire PBS special, go here.